Kindle White Paper

Hey it’s 3G!

The Kindle White Paper is the most advanced eReader in the world with free 3G and a touchscreen with higher resolution, sharper contrasts, integrated lighting and eight weeks of battery life!

young readheadThe features of a kindle are impressive! I want one now!

Free 3G wireless connection – never look back Wi-Fi hotspots and pay no annual contracts, no monthly fees

3G is available worldwide – anytime, anywhere to download books. Watch 3G coverage map

The patented, integrated lighting illuminates the screen and ensures optimum reading pleasure under all conditions. Such is the Kindle

Paperwhite screen under various lighting

White Paper has 62% more pixels, which makes the device unsurpassed resolution

25% better contrast provides razor-sharp, dark text

Even in bright sunlight text and images on the White Paper are clear and sharp, with no mirror effect

New, coordinated by hand font

Up to eight weeks battery life, even with the lights on

Stores up to 1,100 books – enter your personal library with you at all
With the new “Time to Read” your reading speed is measured. Paperwhite calculates how long it will take to finish your chapter

Huge selection of books – thousands of free classics

Kindle Lending Library: With an Amazon Prime membership, Kindle owners can borrow more than 300,000 Kindle eBooks with no return period, including current and previous bestselling titles from the Kindle Store, as well as all seven volumes of the Harry Potter series

Your eyes adjust to the lighting conditions in your environment. Therefore, you are darker locations prefer a weak setting of light and in a well lit area choose a lighter setting. The brightness settings of the Kindle 3G White Paper covers a wide range – from weak to very light – so you can read comfortably in all circumstances.

Efficient Energy Management
Since our patented technology allows us full control over how the light is distributed, the Kindle 3G White Paper LEDs used with low energy demand, which require very little power to illuminate the screen.


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