Are You a Bodyflex Fan?

The Body Flex website, while informative about how their product works, lacks actual information in what it is, and what is used in it as well as how it is used.

Guest article by Bakira Sanhuesen.

Views of the author do not necessisarily reflect the views of this blog.

I have found myself searching on Google instead or watching youtube videos to find out about the specs and products offered.

Go to and type in bodyflex

That site is not particularly user friendly, but the information you do stumble upon, the actual useful stuff, is not well written, and you have to read between the lines of them trying to sell their product. Yes, we know it works, but how does it work, why does it work, what do you have to do in order for it to work.

These questions should be written in a comprehensive list and answered accordingly. You should not have to search the entire site for one question, and then have to search it again to answer the question that the former question brought up. The entire site is confusing and not very helpful. However, if you search long enough and hard enough, the answers, some of them anyway, are buried in the text but you really have to strain to find it though.

I know – why am I complaining? Do I have an axe to grind? Maybe I am just a competing brand.

No. Not true. I am a writer and enjoy writing. So that is why I am pleasuring myself with this text.

The body flex website is easy enough find once you Google search it. But still, with anything that is on this site, it tells you what it is, but not how to do it. For example, the breathing exercises that you’re supposed to do with the exercises. It says it is a very specific kind of breathing, and that it. Okay, what very specific kind of breathing, how do you do, what is so different than breathing normally? Do you hold your breath while lifting the bar, and let it out as you lower the bar, or what?

More or less Рleggings are the ultimate workout clothes to wear. Especially mid-calf leggings.

Another example would be the dieting meal plans that they have advertised.

They give no examples of what you’ll be eating at all. They just say that Greer has made an entire meal plan that balances 1600 calories to fuel you. Okay, what kind of foods will we be eating? Will I be allergic to anything in those meal plans. Several people are allergic to coconut, chocolate, and several different exotic fruits and vegetables.

If they don’t give an example as to what kind of foods you’ll be eating, then how can you know what to expect when you finally do get you meals. It would be a great waste of money to get the meal plan you spent your hard earned money on, only to find out you are allergic to everything on it. They really need to remake their site to be comprehensive.

Resources: Leggings videos



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